Change your diet to a

Change your diet to a

Hypertension or high blood pressure(BP) has become a common health issue in world population & now every year, 17 May is dedicated to World Hypertension Day.


Average blood pressure is considered as high blood pressure.


Although there are many drugs available to control high BP, simple dietary plan which is known as “DASH diet” can lower your high blood pressure.


DASH stands for and


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it is an eating plan that promotes you to eat a wide variety of whole foods.


The plan is:


low in


Fat: saturated fat, cholesterol, and total fat


Sugars: sweets, added sugars and sugary beverages,


Red meats


Salts: no more than 1.5g of sodium (salt) per day


rich in






Fat-free or low-fat dairy products


Whole grains: beans, seeds, and nuts






You can limit salt intake without using salt substitutes. For example, use herbs and spices to add flavor to foods.


This plan encourages foods rich in potassium, such as fruits and vegetables. But it may harm people who have certain medical conditions,


such as diabetes and kidney disease.


Therefore have a medical advice before changing your diet in such cases.


Dr. Yapa Wijeratne

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Dr. Yapa Wijeratne
MBBS University of Perdeniya.
Medical Officer, Mawanella Hospital.

Yapa entered Faculty of Medicine in 2008, following a successful career at the Dharmaraja College, Kandy. While continuing his undergraduate career, he joined UniverSL Software. He completed his MBBS degree from University of Peradeniya & worked as a Temporary lecturer at Department of Basic sciences, Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya. After completing his internship, he is still working at Teaching Hospital Peradeniya.