Paracetamol overdose- 6 ways how it damages your body

Paracetamol overdose- 6 ways how it damages your body

Paracetamol toxicity is one of the most common causes of poisoning worldwide & it is involved in a large proportion of accidental paediatric exposures and deliberate self-poisoning cases. Sometimes when the fever is not settling, mothers continue to give paracetamol, regardless of safe dose.


They may give higher doses or may give more frequently. This ultimately leads to a paracetamol poisoning in your child & you can even loose your child. So it is important to know how this overdose harm your body.


1. Your liver begins die. (Hepatic necrosis) This happens usually after 24 hours of overdose & can progress to a completely failure of liver. (Acute liver failure)


2. Your brain can get damaged- Encephalopathy


3. Your kidneys will die. You will experince reduction in urine output. (Acute renal failure)


4. Your blood sugar level can go down than normal. (hypoglycemia) Body organs won’t get enough nutrients for them to work.


5. Your body fluid composition will alter & that will be acidic. (lactic acidosis). Cells will not be able to work as in a normal condition.


Dr. Yapa Wijeratne

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